About Calories Out

Calories Out measures and records the energy that you’re burning from walking and jogging. The app provides statistical data such as total calories burned, distances and your average speed.


New Features

Version 5.0
  • Define and measure your daily physical activity targets.
  • A Provided health bar displays the daily activity level.
  • Automatic detection of physical activity when carrying device.
  • The activity data is saved on the device for statistical display on demand.
  • The saved activity data includes distance, speed, weight and calories burned.
  • Display activity statistics between two calendar dates on request.
  • Calculate your BMI, BMR and calories intake.

App Overview

  • Walking and Jogging activities are automatically detected by device sensors.
  • Linear acceleration and Gps location data are used to calculate the distance and speed.
  • Device motion not related to walking or jogging is filtered.

  • Avg Speed: The avg speed of the activity in km/hr or mile/hr.
  • Duration: The activity total duration.
  • Distance: The distance travelled.
  • Intensity: The activity intensity.
  • Calories Burned: The total calories burned based on weight, activity speed and duration.

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Calories Out automatically calculates walking and jogging activities, it suspends itself when you're in a vehicle.


The only time someone else will see your stats is when you're showing them off.


Individual health and fitness is important to all of us. Find out just how active you really are day-to-day.