Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. Here, you’ll find answers to a number of the questions about Calories Out that we’re frequently asked.

How it Works

Calories Out is the ultimate companion app for those who love to walk, run, hike or explore. Our app intelligently and discretely measures how many calories you’re burning while walking or jogging.

Even if you think that you’re inactive, you’re not. Install our app and see for yourself how many calories you burned walking to work or running around the block.

It’s super-accurate: Calories Out knows and records how much energy you’re spending when you’re standing, strutting, skipping, jogging or hoofing it; it uses your phone’s bells and whistles and a lot of sophisticated software to ensure your data/results are as accurate as possible.

Yes. Calories Out can determine from your speed if you are walking or running; it adjusts its measurements of how many calories you are likely burning accordingly.

Yes. Calories out can determine from your rate of travel if you are on foot or in a vehicle: when you are on foot, Calories Out automatically tracks your activity; when you are travelling in a vehicle, Calories Out automatically suspends itself.

It shouldn’t: Calories Out is designed to suspend itself from using your GPS and recording data while you’re not moving around. And, you can manually suspend and re-activate Calories Out at any time under Settings.

That feature is currently unavailable.

Yes. The app comes with a widget that showcases your data.

Yes. You can remove advertising from Calories Out by clicking Upgrade in the app’s menu.

That feature is currently unavailable.

We will be announcing releases for other platforms and devices regularly in our blog.

At present, Calories Out does not work with any third-party hardware outside of your smartphone.

News of updates to the app and other announcements are made in our blog.

Your Privacy

Very private. No third parties will ever see your whereabouts or any data that the app is using. All data is stored locally on the phone.

No. Records of your location are not stored on-line or on the app. At no point can someone track you or will we share your information.